Why you should not buy last year’s “antifreeze”

During the year-round operation of the car car owners are faced with the need to select and purchase antifreeze fluid for windshield washer. The right choice will directly depend on the convenience and safety of using the car. When buying antifreeze in hypermarkets and specialized stores of auto parts, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of production of such auto chemical products, which should be fresh, but not the last year’s. Let’s talk in detail about why it is not recommended to purchase last year’s antifreezing fluid and what to do with old license plates ontario.

Peculiarities of winter exploitation of a car
In winter the roads in the cities are abundantly sprinkled with salt and reagents. As a result, there is always a dirty slush under wheels, small particles of which soon find themselves on a windshield. Therefore, we have almost every 10-15 minutes of travel to use the washer, which wipers clean the dirt off the windshield. Because of low temperatures to use conventional water or diluted car shampoo in the winter is not possible.

To such a washer fluid does not freeze in the tank, you should choose the right antifreeze, which must be made on a completely safe basis. Most often such a winter washing fluid is made on the basis of isopropyl alcohol, to which various dyes and fragrances are added. It allows excluding appearance of ice and its freezing even at the temperatures at the level of minus 30 degrees.

Difficulties of choosing a non-freezing fluid
Today in specialized stores and regular large hypermarkets you can find dozens of different types of antifreeze, which differ in their price, color and main characteristics. It is natural that many car owners are guided by the price when choosing, choosing such car chemistry cheaper. But its quality may be far from ideal. Such washing fluid not only freezes at temperatures of minus 10 degrees, but also can be simply dangerous for using.

That is why you should give preference only to antifreeze, made on the basis of isopropyl alcohol, which will be high-quality and safe for the health of the driver and passengers in the car. Like any other chemistry, the antifreeze liquid has an expiration date. After a certain period of time, such chemistry not only loses its properties, but also becomes unsafe to use.

Often old and low-quality antifreeze fluid has a sediment that accumulates at the bottom. It is recommended to refuse to buy such liquids. The thing is that the sediment clogs the thin tubes and sprayers of the car windshield and headlight washing system, and the subsequent cleaning is very difficult.

The chemical formula of the old washer fluid will invariably change, and subsequently such fluid will freeze at high temperatures. Therefore, do not be surprised that after saving a few hundred rubles, you will be faced with the need to replace the exploded expander of the windshield washer system, and the cost of such work will be much higher than the original savings.

Therefore, all motorists without exception are recommended when buying a non-freezing fluid for windshield washer fluid not only to read the composition of such means, but also to pay attention to the date of its manufacture. Often there is a stock of unsold washer fluid in stores, which they try to sell later at a discount, but the quality of the product will be much worse than that of a fresh car chemistry.

To sum up
During winter operations, you will always need to purchase antifreezing washer fluid for windows and headlights. Usually such autochemicals are made on the basis of isopropyl alcohol, which provides its safety and excellent performance characteristics. At the same time it is necessary to remember that you should not buy an old antiquated antifreeze liquid, because sediments may appear in it, and the change in the chemical formula will lead to freezing of such liquid at higher temperatures.

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