What mistakes do car owners make when starting the engine in winter?

What mistakes do car owners make when starting the engine in winter?

In winter the car engine is under increased load, and it is from the correct actions of the car owner will depend on the absence of wear of the power unit, problems with the battery and a number of other difficulties in the operation of the car. Let’s talk in detail about what you can not do when starting the engine in freezing temperatures. If the engine won’t start for years, give the car to a recycler: https://scrap4cash.com.

Excellent technical condition of your car
You need to meet winter in good shape, first of all it concerns the battery, which should be recharged, and the battery must keep a good charge, which eliminates problems when starting the engine. If the battery discharges quickly, it will be impossible to start the engine in winter when it is very cold, and the solution to this problem is to replace the battery with a new one.

What mistakes do car owners make when starting the engine in winter?

No need to be in a hurry
Often drivers make a typical mistake, they try, after getting into the car, to start the engine immediately. There is no need to rush and try to start the engine right away. Ideally, the key should be inserted into the ignition, then wait a few seconds, as soon as all the indicators on the dashboard go out, the fuel pump that pumps fuel is activated, the glow plugs are warmed up, only after that you can try to start the engine. If the engine does not start the first time, wait about 15 seconds and repeat this procedure again. If the engine does not start, do not force the car, most likely the battery is discharged and needs recharging or replacement.

What mistakes do car owners make when starting the engine in winter?

Depressing the clutch in a manual
On cars with a manual transmission, it is necessary, before starting the engine, to squeeze the clutch, which greatly facilitates the starter, which does not need to rotate the gears in the transmission. By depressing the clutch, we will be able to start the engine even with a dead problem battery.

Try not to flood the spark plugs.
Filled plugs are a typical problem when the battery does not have enough power to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber and start the engine. Drivers often try with all their might to start the engine, even if they have failed to do so from the first and second time. In all likelihood, the car has a problem with the battery. To start the engine in such a case will be impossible, we only fill up the spark plugs, later even having recharged the battery, it will be necessary to open the engine, dry the plugs and clean them from the existing sludge.

Typical mistakes when starting the engine in frosty weather

Proper warming up
The debate about whether the engine needs to be warmed up in winter is even stronger. Indeed, in the cold the engine oil becomes thick and cannot properly lubricate the engine, respectively, there is a rapid wear of moving parts. As such a long warm-up of the engine after start-up in winter is not required, it is important to remember that immediately after a long stop in winter to raise the revolutions above 3000 on the gasoline engine is not recommended. The first 10-15 minutes of such a trip should be at a measured pace, this will allow the technical fluids in the engine to reach operating temperature, and then you can without any restrictions use your car.

Typical errors when starting the engine in frosty weather

Let’s summarize
In winter the engine, gearbox and battery are under increased strain, so you should always operate your car properly. First of all, you should meet winter in good order, so before the onset of cold weather it is necessary to make a technical inspection of the car and recharge the battery. Remember that you should not hurry when starting the engine in winter, for cars with a mechanics need to squeeze the clutch and do not be zealous with starting the engine, as in this case, you just fill up the plugs with fuel. Immediately after starting the engine it is necessary to warm it up, for this either wait 5-10 minutes or start driving, but do not raise the revolutions above 3000 per minute.

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