Repairing rotting arches

There aren’t many problems in a car that can drive a car owner crazy. Owners of vehicles are used to changing oil and filters once a year (less often – to repair and refill the air conditioner of the car), or every two years to change the bones and steering lugs. Appearance of rusty stains on a body is another matter. At once the mood is spoiled and there is a strong desire to sell such car and or call a company that does heavy equipment removal.

It is a sensible idea, in fact the

appearance of rust is the sign of metal rotting. In weather conditions of our climatic zone, this thesis is actual: high humidity in summer and harmful for a car body reagents in winter. In case of wings it’s not so serious, as this detail is removable and easy to change. If we are talking about the rear arches, the intervention will be serious.

Of course, arches can be rewelded, employees of car services will perform this work. True, it is worth doing only in case of further use of a car for 2-3 years. Replacement of arches is a costly thing, because it includes body repair and painting a part of the car’s body. In addition, the fender needs alignment before painting, which will affect the final cost of the work.

If for you the most important – the appearance of the vehicle, this approach justifies itself. In addition, there will be high quality of work. If you do not have enough money, try to slow down the rotting of the arch. But keep in mind that here the level of deterioration of the part comes to the fore.

There are four steps to restoring an arch:

The old paint coating is removed with a bolt and metal brush, and the condition of the part is evaluated;
If everything is not so bad, remove the rust as much as possible and cover the surface with liquid zinc;
Apply putty to the restorable surface and bring out the shape of the arch. The process is in several stages, as each new layer of putty is processed only after complete drying;If you are satisfied with the result, start painting the arch.

As for painting the arch, the procedure does not differ from those for the other part of the car body. First the surface is primed, then the paint and varnish are applied in several layers. After a day after the performance of painting, the car can be operated.

Of course, this option to restore the rotten arches is not the most correct, because after a year the problem will again make itself felt. But you will stop to see the rust picture on your car for a while, and the corrosion process will slow down. During this time, it will be possible to make a large-scale repair, or to buy another model of a vehicle.

By the way, other defects in work of a car can be revealed during diagnostics. You may have to repair the suspension or eliminate other defects that appeared due to poor road quality.

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