Preparing your car for the summer season

Preparing your car for the summer season

Soon the summer heat will come, and that’s why car enthusiasts prepare their own cars for the hot period. Replacement of tires, cleaning of interior, polishing of body – these actions are carried out by the most part of motorists. But nevertheless it is necessary to follow the basic postulate while preparing own automobile for the warm period: it is necessary to put in order not only outside, but also inside. However, sometimes there is no point in such training and it is easier to use the service

Nowadays almost every car

owner knows about the differences between summer and winter tires and the specifics of their choice. If you have a car with studded rubber, and not seasonal, you should by all means replace it, otherwise you will lose all studs on dry summer asphalt. Pay attention to the conditionĀ of brakes. Each atypical for them sound is a clear hint, that it is necessary to make diagnostics.

Let’s speak about the main unit of your car – the engine. In winter the plastic and rubber components of the engine undergo increased wear and tear due to temperature jumps, which leads to leakage and loss of tightness of technical fluids. If you can see leaks on the engine, it is necessary to find the cause without delay, otherwise it can result in expensive repairs in the future. If your car is not elderly, you should wash the engine completely. It is harmful to wash the motors of advanced age, because there are old wiring and oxidized contacts. It is sufficient to dry clean the wiring, sensors, and trammler cover.

Diagnostics of car suspender units shall be definitely included into plan of your car preparation for summer season. The same temperature jumps, drive on ice, snow and puddles negatively influence the undercarriage dusters, and they loose their grease and break very soon. You also should pay special attention to the hoses of brake system. It is better to change everything beforehand, instead of waiting until the unit breaks or the brake hose bursts, which can end in tragedy.

The increased load on the engine in winter leads to the high consumption of technical fluids. Specialists advise not to top up with antifreeze, but to completely replace it, flushing the cooling system before doing so. When topping up use the same brand and color of fluid as before. It is recommended to check the level of all technical fluids out of season and at least once a month.

Pay special attention to your vehicle’s battery. The battery has a hard time in the winter. The alternator in the winter is not able to fully recover the battery from the heavy winter starts. Check the battery’s charge level and use a special charger to charge it.

Happy owners of air conditioners should remember that these complex units also require periodic adjustments, installation of new filters and refills. Not everybody knows that in order conditioner can work properly, it is necessary to switch it on at least once a month for fifteen or twenty minutes in winter. Floor coatings, which suffer from dirt and moisture also need thorough cleaning in winter.

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