How to determine the mileage of a used car

So, you have bought a used car. It would seem that everything is in perfect order, the only thing left is to find out what is the real mileage of this car. But here you will face th

e main problem! And this problem is not scrap removal in scarborough.

It is paradoxical that it is almost impossible to determine the mileage of a used automobile with one hundred percent probability. It should be added that even for a professional it will be a very difficult task, not to mention you, an ordinary car buyer. The reason is that the car may very well keep its appearance, despite of solid kilometers. Europe is Europe, the roads there do not describe zigzags and do not hide potholes behind the next bend.

Do not believe anybody, neither odometer, still less a word of the seller. It will be a lie in any case. It is always more profitable for sellers to embellish the situation a bit, than to tell it as it really is. People craftsmen who have adapted to winding kilometers, today you can find in almost any garage “workshop”. With the help of a drill they can twist rates in almost any odometer of mechanical type.

And what is the situation with their electronic counterparts? It is not uncommon to hear that it is impossible to twist an electronic odometer! In reality it is a total lie. In fact, it is even easier to zero them, as compared with mechanical odometers. It is enough to connect to a computer and set any desired value and the electric odometer will be as good as new! There is equipment for working with odometers, so it can be quite easy to make odometer corrections.

In practice, it is still possible to determine the mileage of your car, but only approximately. And only a professional will be able to do it accurately. Pay attention to the wear degree of interior trim, look at the state of padding on a steering wheel, examine pedal pads. Presence of abrasions, signs of wear are obvious signs that the car has passed much already. You can also look at when the windshield was made: if there are scratches or darkening, it is often changed for a new one. The gearbox can also prompt you for confirmation about the twisted kilometer. With mileage above 80 thousand kilometers, the box may make noise, the source of which is worn out bearings.


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