Common Driving Mistakes

The road is a place of increased danger so sometimes you have to go to this company: Many drivers do not observe the rules of the road, so they pose a threat to others. After all, you can carefully follow the rules, but in the end you will be hit by such a racer. In this article, we have collected the main driving mistakes, the knowledge of which will increase your safety on the road.

1. Risk and not following

the rules.

Statistics stubbornly shows that serious accidents happen due to the fault of drivers who love risk and deliberately ignore the traffic rules. Usually these motorists have a respectable driving record, so they think they are in control. Beginner drivers behave more accurately and, if they make mistakes, their consequences are not serious accidents without considerable harm for health and property of other traffic participants.

2. alcohol and drugs

A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious danger to others. After all, he is poorly aware of what is going on around him, so he takes risks, cuts off and reacts slowly to changes in the road situation.

3. Speeding

Statistically, the reason of one third of all accidents is speeding. An expensive foreign car purchase acts like a drug: you want to feel the power of the car, exceeding the admissible speed. As a result – accidents with dead or crippled people.

4. Fastened belts

Some drivers neglect their safety and don’t buckle up. The respective function is switched off or the belts are fastened behind the seat, so as not to be disturbed by the sound signaling it.

It is strictly forbidden to do this, because in case of an accident, seat belts will save your life and health.

5. Attention while driving

Statistically, 80% of accidents happen because the driver was distracted. It does not matter if he was texting, calling on t

he phone, etc. So while driving, focus on the road and the surrounding cars.

6. Keeping your distance.

In cities, traffic jams, cars are parked on the right, there are a lot of car owners rushing to do business. Therefore, the distance between cars on the roads is often not respected. If the driver in front brakes sharply at a decent speed, it will almost inevitably lead to an accident. Because the previous car will hit him from behind.

7. Serviceability of the car

Do not skimp on your safety, fix it in time and monitor the proper operation of components. After all, an economy of 2-3 thousand rubles will lead to an accident. In the result there will be victims, and repair of such car will demand already absolutely other sum of money.

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