4 mistakes that will lead to a breakdown of the air conditioner in the car

4 mistakes that will lead to a breakdown of the air conditioner in the car

Summer is in full swing and car air conditioning is becoming the most important option in any car. However, many drivers find themselves in a situation where the climate system in their car stops cooling. Often the driver himself may be to blame for a malfunction, since he misused his car. Consider what driver errors can lead to a breakdown of the air conditioner and what to do with old license plates ontario?

Long idle time without work
Any mechanism should work regularly, but a long idle idle often leads to a sudden appearance of problems. Such a phenomenon is encountered by those drivers who have not used the air conditioner in their car for a long time, and when they turned it on, they found that the climate system no longer works. Most often this happens due to the loss of air conditioner tightness and gas volatilization.

Low gas pressure
In general, all owners of air-conditioned cars need to regularly monitor the gas pressure in the air conditioning system. Approximately once every few years, you have to refuel the car with new gas, since its pressure dropped significantly, which led to a breakdown.

Washing radiators
Experienced motorists recommend not to save money and flush the radiators in the car at least once a year. In the front of any modern car there are several radiators at once – engine cooling systems and air conditioning. They take on all the dirt from the road, which leads to a decrease in their efficiency. Thorough flushing of the radiator honeycomb will save you from problems with the air conditioner and the motor.

Extraneous noise
The first sign of an impending malfunction in the car is often the appearance of an extraneous sound from under the hood. If you ignore all these whistles and squeaks, then this will inevitably lead to a car breakdown. The appearance of such signs may indicate wear on the bearings in the air conditioning compressor, which need to be replaced.

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