Ladakh Women Ice Hockey Foundation started with a hope to uplift the status of Women's Ice hockey in Ladakh. The women players always felt the gender segregation and were not being encouraged enough to play the sport. The foundation was started in the winter of 2015, with the ambition to elevate the stature of women players. The male ice hockey players were always blessed with proper hockey gears and skates, while the women players were never in the position to own their personal equipment. Till this date we borrow equipment from the men’s team for our matches. 

Soon we felt the need of an organisation solely dedicated to the needs of the female players in Ladakh. The purpose of the foundation seems to be served with the inflow of equipment donations from individuals and organization from India and abroad this year.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote women’s ice hockey and to provide an open space for Ladakhi women to excel in the said field.

  • To work in encouraging and mentoring of young Ladakhi women sports persons to flourish in any kind of organized sports and games.

  • To facilitate more women sports persons with infrastructure and facilities to encourage world-class ethics of sportsmanship in Ladakh.

  •  To organize tournaments and game centers in order to promote women’s ice hockey games in Ladakh.

  •  To create a space for the Ladakhi women sports persons to participate equally in any field of sports.

  •  To become an anchor for guidance and support for budding women sports persons in Ladakh.

Photo by Manuel Bauer

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