An artist's rendition of the logo

An artist's rendition of the logo


We believe in imparting skills and knowledge, therefore we organize basic & advance ice-skating and hockey camps for the upcoming athletes on a regular basis.  

How we made an ice rink, you ask.
We started by leveling the ground with the help of a JCB. The second step was to make a boundary that would help the water hold in that area. Then we filled the rink with water every evening which would then freeze by 10 pm. Then we would pour more water on the already frozen surface and repeat the process in the morning. For this we had assigned duties to groups of three to four girls who would stay overnight at the SECMOL office and water the rink three times a night, every night.
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Photo by Manuel Bauer


Many have blessed us in the form of equipment and funds. these are the few good samaritans. 

Manuel Bauer 
Swiss photographer who was very kind to donate skates to the foundation. 

The Hockey Foundation
They donated skates, equipment, sticks etc to our foundation

Taipei Gentlemen's Hockey Club (TGHC)
During the IIHF tournament in Taipei, the women team were surprised to see a group of guys cheering for India. Later found out it was Dave Austin and his friends Adam Saulnier, Paul Bray, and Julian Albrecht. Austin is a American student studying Chinese in Taipei, he had come to Ladakh during the Indo-Canadian Friendship cup and he was happy to hear the girls from Ladakh were representing India in the tournament. He and his friends donated a bunch of skates, hockey sticks, Equipments etc for LWIHF.


An NGO situated in Leh founded with the aim to reform the educational system of Ladakh, have been by our side right from the beginning. Our crowd funding initiative was done with their help. They also lent us skates and other equipment for the coaching camp that we had organized. Most importantly, they let us have the space in front of their office for an a ice rink. Our office space is also a lease by SECMOL.
In short, SECMOL has been there for LWIHF since the foundation was established.

CAN Play Hockey Foundation
This is a non profit organization who generously donated Hockey equipment to the foundation through Ice Hockey Association of India (IHAI). 

Ladakh Buddhist Association (Women Wing)
LBA women wing is an NGO working for the upliftment of Ladakhi women. The president was also our chief guest for the function that we organized at our Basic Skate Coaching Camp. 

Ladakh Women's Alliance, Leh
WAL is a group of Ladakhi women who run this NGO in order to maintain respect for the ethical and spiritual values of Ladakh culture by encouraging the use of Ladakhi language, food, clothes etc. They also work to promote Ladakhi handicraft and local products  

Ladakh Frontier Travels 
It is a travel company based in Ladakh who cater to domesticl and foreign tourists who come to visit Ladakh. The company is run by Mr. Konchok Stobgais who belongs to the eastern part of Ladakh, where most of our Skaters also come from. 

The Grand Dragon, Ladakh
The grand Dragon hotel is one of the famous hotels of Ladakh. 

Stanzin Dorjey Gya
Stanzin is a filmmaker and a photographer.  He is a product of SECMOL and has earned a name for himself in India and abroad. His documentaries are mostly about Ladakh. 

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